Digital Antennas instalation

We know aerials and we know how to get you the best reception possible in the fastest time possible, so don’t waste another day with limited free to air television stations.
We can advice you on a wide range of solutions from analogue and digital TV antenna & aerial installation, Digital Set Top Boxes (STBs) and help you with additional TV points to Home Theatre installations and of course, correction of television reception problems.
With the transition date from analogue to digital TV quickly approaching it's time you upgrad your current antenna. Your old antenna system may not be able to receive digital signals due to many factors and need upgrading. An old and broken antenna, worn and inferior cable, even the wall plate can be items in your current antenna system that require replacing in order for you to receive great digital pictures.
We are local and experienced in recommending the correct antenna to suit your region. Any height any roof or any house design we can install them all.
An additional television outlet in any room may solve your viewing problems and can usually be connected to your current antenna system. We will install as many additional outlets as you require anywhere in your home. We uses quality digital ready RG6 cable which reduces interference and produces excellent picture quality, we can even re-run an old outlet that may have dated or inferior cable.
There has been frequent advertising lately about digital TV and freeview but still there seems to be a certain mystery surrounding what is required in order to get digital TV. You may have heard the recent campaigns involving the 2013 cut off from analogue to digital but still don’t know exactly how it will impact you! Simply purchasing a set-top box or new television may not be the answer. Don’t get caught out purchasing the wrong equipment. Have one of our technicians assess and upgrade your current antenna system to one that will receive stunning digital pictures on any equipment whether it be standard or high definition!
We will clear up the myths about digital TV and recommend a solution that is right for you.
If you experience difficulties with your television reception, it’s important to use an endorsed antenna installer who is:
  • Experienced in analog and digital television reception
  • Able to measure television signal levels at residences
An endorsed antenna installer should be able to measure analog and digital television signal levels, and recommend ways to improve or make the most of your reception. The technician should also be able to offer advice about:
  • Antenna selection
  • Positioning
  • Orientation
  • Choice of correct cables, connectors and distribution equipment

Once measurements have been taken, the installer should be able to advise you on:
  • Which reception source provides the optimum signal
  • The best antenna location
  • Which antenna type is used to receive the digital signals available in your area

Set-top boxes, digital TV recorders and new TVs with built-in digital tuner are available with either a standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD) receiver. SD set-up boxes typically cost between $30 and $80 with HD set-top boxes around $100 or less. An HD set-top box will provide all SD and HD free-to-air digital channels available in your area. Digital TV recorders generally cost more than set-top boxes, because of their additional features. Replacing your television set with one that contains a built-in digital tuner will cost more, depending on the brand, size and features that you choose. Most analog TVs will be able to receive digital TV by connecting a digital set top box or digital TV recorder. So, unless your analog TV is too old to be connected to a set top box or digital TV recorder, it won’t need replacing. However, different TVs use different connections, so it’s important to check the connection points on your TV before you purchase a set top box or digital TV recorder.